lifes illusions

Something that can drive a person insane is, searching and not finding the keys to unlock the door. So they are stuck with the endless torture of wondering what is on the other side. Life itself is like a game, a puzzle, a maze, but only the lucky ones, which are most people, will find their key and unlock the door to happiness, live a good life and move on. But let us not forget the un-lucky ones who are on the wrong side of the door and the only happiness they see is when they take a peek through the keyhole. For me, I still haven't found the key I'm looking for. Will I ever find it? I don’t know, all I know is that I’m trying not to go insane, but I fear it’s too late. -C.Q.B ---- Well hello there, I see you have found my page. My name, is C.Q.B and this page is a type of reenactment or a sneak peek of what goes on in my head. Let me tell you about myself, I am 18 years of age and I'm a bit on the strange side. I do not consider myself a typical teenage that loves Justin Bieber, loves shopping at the store Pink, and worries about what they are going to wear for the next dance/ trying to find a date. Frankly, I say fuck that shit. I love the colors black and purple, heavy metal/rock music and writing. I'm a bit on the shy side and can come across scary to talk to, but once you get to know me, I guess I can get kinda lovable. I have a bit of a temper but I keep it in check. I love the rain, I love to sleep, and I love all kinds of creepy things. My head is too on the strange side. I have my ups and downs (my downs might be worse than others) but I'm a goofball at heart. I don't judge people unless they wrongly judge me. I think I'm a decent listener and I'm willing to try helping someone if they need it (even though I don't think that I help much sometimes.) Feel free to ask me anything because I don't mind answering any questions about myself or anything in general.
This is my chance to start a new. Ill be damned if I fuck it up.

This is my chance to start a new. Ill be damned if I fuck it up.

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